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First, I would like to welcome you all to my newest adventure, NutriTrain, LLC!

NutriTrain, LLC has been a dream of mine for quite some time, always quietly simmering in the back of my head and now I am finally ready to share it with all of you! Combining my passion for Dietetics (Nutrition) and Sports Performance into one, I will be sharing tips, motivation, recipes, great products and more that will help YOU fuel and perform to the utmost of your abilities!

Eventually, you will be able to schedule time to meet with me either remotely or in-person for all of your Performance and Lifestyle Nutrition needs! I will be offering several services listed on the first page of my website to suit the needs of many, if you have a topic that you'd like to meet with me about keep an eye out for bookings, or drop me a line under "Contact". :)

This week has been filled with several firsts:

-My "last" first day of school ever, the final countdown for my MS in Nutrition

-First "professional" blog, well here we are

-First website!

-First cross-country recipe exchange, you don't want to miss this

-And finally, coming right around the first half-marathon!

So thanks for stopping by!

Follow NutriTrain, LLC on Instagram @nutritrain_rd

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