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Nutrition Huddles

Optimize your performance with personalized sports dietetics support in quick 20-minute Nutrition Huddles.

What to Expect

Nutrition huddles are perfect for busy individuals seeking targeted support for specific goals. These efficient 20-minute sessions focus on crafting and adjusting your fueling plan. 

We'll focus on one very specific topic for each huddle, and you'll walk away with information or tasks needed to make progress on that area.

The flexibility? Join alone or with teammates. Available for individual purchase or in packages, they offer quick check-ins complementing our supportive programming.

These may be right for you if...

You need help getting "unstuck" with a barrier, or challenge


You are looking for support with planning meals/snacks for specific situations


You'd like help myth-busting something you saw online or IRL


You're interested in practicing Intuitive Eating strategies


You would like support navigating a particular scenario

Choose from:






Let's discuss your fueling goals!

Not sure which services might be best for you? Have questions about how I work, or if we'd be a good fit? Book a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call with me so that we can get to know eat other and discuss what might work best for you.

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