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Team Talks

Elevate your team's performance with tailored nutrition strategies through collaborative sessions.

What to Expect 

Let's work together to support your team's nutrition!


Team talks are a great way to focus on key topics for your athletes in a group setting. These sessions can give your team a competitive edge, and provide athletes, coaches, parents and staff with helpful information designed based on your specific season and nutrition goals. 

Introduction Call

We'll have a 30 minute phone conversation about the goals and ideas that you have for your team, as well as timing that you are interested in for your Team Talk. Following this I'll share some suggestions on potential topics and structure and we'll be in touch!

Woman taking note

Team Talk

Hosted virtually or in person* I'll spend 60-80 minutes with your team presenting on nutrition topics of your choice. Each presentation is customized to your athlete's sport and season and includes takeaway handouts and tips.

*Location dependent

Sports Stadium Seats
  • Fueling for Performance, Sports Nutrition 101

  • Pre/Post Training Nutrition

  • Fueling on the Road 

  • Competition Season Nutrition

  • Supplement Myths & Facts

  • Hydration 101

  • Female Athlete Nutrition

  • Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport/Low Energy Availability

  • Adapting to Life After Sport

...and more!


Let's discuss your fueling goals!

Not sure which services might be best for you? Have questions about how I work, or if we'd be a good fit? Book a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call with me so that we can get to know eat other and discuss what might work best for you.

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