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Adding Training to NutriTrain: Meet Corey Saunders of e-volve fit, Boston

Movement is pivotal in working with my clients on their overall wellness. I empower people to use and adopt sustainable changes for their lifestyles that fit in naturally. As a dietitian, and sports nutritionist this knowledge only travels as far as foods and wellness, and I wanted to be able to provide clients with both nutrition and training (the NutriTrain mantra, fuel, train perform, sustain) to benefit their lives.

So without further ado I would love to introduce you all to the trainer extraordinaire that I have partnered with to bring you the best training in New England- Corey Saunders of e-volve fit, Boston!

e-volve fit

Founder and owner of e·volve fit™, Corey Saunders is a Boston-based personal trainer whose love for fitness has driven him far in the fitness world. As one of the top male models in Boston, Corey has represented major brands like Nike®, Puma®, New Balance®, Reebok®, Under Armour®, and Cybex® International.

e-volve fit provides training to clients all over the world. His company has one priority and that’s to serve. They provide everything from towel service, water, clothing apparel, nutritionist (yours truly), fun and always results.

What sets Corey apart from most trainers in Boston is that he also offers gym design to corporate luxury residential properties all over New England. He helps them plan and prepare what works best and what gyms should have in their new luxury property based off of a functional training philosophy.

Corey’s approach is based on corrective, functional and innovative techniques that encourage client input. He knows successful training requires excellence in education and innovation in the integrated fields of corrective exercise, functional training, and proper mechanics. He performs a very detailed client assessment and client evaluation as a prerequisite to designing corrective and strength training programs for each client. Corey understands wellness through corrective exercise, strength training, and total body health starts from the inside out. Long-term success can only be achieved if workouts are fun and designed for each clients unique body and fitness goals. He prides himself on being not only a trainer, but a teacher, coach and supporter while creating the ideal environment for each client to achieve their ultimate fitness potential.

He is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT and CES and National Strength and Conditioning Association, CSCS. His dedication to fitness and communicating the most effective information has resulted in several partnerships and business opportunities. He appears regularly in many publications including Boston Magazine and The Improper Bostonian as 2016’s Boston Bachelor of the Year. He was hand selected as

the official judge of Miss Massachusetts USA 2016 and Miss New Hampshire USA 2017 pageants. He has also been featured in articles written by ESPN, Bleacher Report, NESN and Hollywood Report for the national #wewillrun video for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

If you'd like to work with Corey, you can contact him through his website at or for more information shoot him an email at

Address: 665 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111


Phone: 617-982-6958


Instagram: @e.volvefit

Facebook: e·volve fit

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