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I understand how difficult it is to navigate the world as a consumer. Therefore, I pride myself in how particular I am with products and companies I choose to feature on my page. 


I only want to promote health and wellness products and companies that I believe in and love myself. As a Registered Dietitian, I’m fortunate enough to be able to try a wide variety of health products and I want you to have the same opportunity!


For this very reason, I chose to partner with these carefully selected companies to offer you their product at a discounted price! I’ve listed several brands I trust and use daily, along with a discount code you can enter in at their checkout.

Refreshing water collected from Maple Trees, DRINKmaple water is an all-natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO alternative to common sports beverages. This beverage is sustainably sourced, low-calorie, low-sugar beverage is packed with electrolytes, to help replace what you lose in sweat and is also a great source of Managanese, which can prevent oxidation of free-radicals, as well as help promote healthy skin, bone growth. I love this after long runs, mixed into smoothies, or added to oatmeal. Plus, every bottle of DRINKmaple purchased supports "More than Sport", and will supply 200 gallons of water to those in developing nations. 
CODE: FRIENDSOFDAVIS for 15% any purchase
Siggi's Dairy
I cannot begin to tell you enough how much I adore Siggi's. High protein, low sugar, non-GMO, thick and creamy Icelandic Skyr style yogurt. This is a much simpler, thicker version of greek-yogurt that is strained making it tolerable for those that typically have trouble digesting lactose (a 5.3oz cup only contains ~3% lactose). Siggi's doesn't use any artificial colors, sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. It's so refreshing when you can pronounce every ingredient!
If you want to start saving money couponing, Ibotta is a great place to start! Adding this app to my phone is the easiest way to have savings in the palm of my hand. The app provides cash-back for purchases that even include eggs, dairy, fruit and vegetables! Just use the app to verify your purchases, then take a photo of your receipts after you get home from the store and you can cash in your rewards for gift-cards from a variety of stores, or add the funds to a Venmo or PayPal account. My best tip is to check the app before you head out grocery shopping so you know which products are being offered as cash-back rewards.
CODE: pwsopnr for $10 in rewards when you sign up!
Klean Athlete
My natural/clean beauty hub. For any of my clients or followers that struggle with skin woes (acne here!), I feel you! Discovering Follain was absolutely life-changing for me. I have struggled with acne throughout adolescence and adulthood, until popping into their Beacon Hill shop one day, and spur of the moment having a skin consult. My go-to's are Farmaesthetics: Geranium Cleanser, and the Lavender Milk lotion, and Osea: Ocean Cleanser. You really cannot go wrong with anything, whether the everyday castille soap, or you fancy some make up, you know your products are ethically produced, and cleanly made. Good beauty care + proper nutrition = amazing skin, I promise!
CODE: ref15_bf2v8k for 15% off products!
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