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1:1 Nutrition Counseling

Virtual one-on-one sessions for those looking to invest in their performance, and gain a competitive edge in sport and life by taking nutrition to the next level.

What to Expect 

Individual nutrition counseling offers a personalized approach to guide your fueling patterns and align your needs with performance goals. Whether you are looking for tailored guidance or one-on-one support from a Registered Dietitian, these sessions empower you to develop a confident fueling plan. 

Initial Session

This 80 minute session is where we will get to know each other. We'll dive deep into your habits with food and activity, and then together build an actionable plan for next steps. 

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Follow Up Sessions

3-Day Fueling Journal Review

For three days, you'll journal what you eat, when you eat it, and how you feel alongside your training.

We'll reconnect on a regular basis for 50 minutes to build on your knowledge, solve any challenges you encountered or build out fueling plans for upcoming events.

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Support & Accountability

Between sessions you will have access to Chloe through a secure app and online platform. You can use this to ask questions, get feedback, share your challenges/success and more! (Yes, this means even while you are AT your events!)

Access to Premium Content


Downloadable fueling resources.

Stack of Books
3-Month Nutrition Counseling Package

Studies show that it takes a minimum of 12 weeks to see change when you are adapting to new behaviors. This package fits in perfectly to pre/post-season timelines and gives you the support you need to see lasting improvements. 

  • 1 x Initial Consultation (80 minutes)

  • 5 x Follow Up Sessions (50 minutes each)

This is a good fit for you if...

You are looking for support integrating nutrition into your daily life in a sustainable way


You want to make the most of a set period of time, either pre-season, off-season, or a short-term training goal


You want to understand the "why" behind specific recommendations for your nutrition


You want regular support and guidance from a professional


You are ready to dig into your relationship with food, movement and your body at a deeper level

Young Athlete Fueling Program

My signature 3-month program, but designed for athletes 18 years or younger* that are looking to level up their performance. Whether during peak season, or off season, we'll work together to understand how to build healthy habits that you can sustain throughout your busy life as a student, and athlete.

  • 1 x Initial Consultation (80 minutes)

  • 8 x Follow Up Sessions (50 minutes each)

This is a good fit for you if...

You are aiming for college-level recruitment


You are trying to optimize your training


You're looking to build healthy habits before college athletics


You may or may not be cooking all of your own meals


You are confused about what to consume pre/post-training or competition to fuel your body

You are just starting college, and need some help building a routine away from home

*Parental consent required for those under 18 years of age

6-Month Nutrition Counseling Package

For those looking for a longer timeline of support.

  • 1 x Initial Consultation (80 minutes)

  • 8 x Follow Up Sessions (50 minutes each)

This is a good fit for you if...

You have long-term training goals or an event you are working towards​


You are ready to work through emotional ties to food at a deeper level 


You want regular support and guidance from a professional 


You are a person who loves to learn from "trial and error" and you are open to making changes as we go 


You want to want to have support through various seasons of life (e.g., training seasons, holidays, work peaks, family time etc.)

3-Month Counseling Package
6-Month Counseling Package
Young Athlete Fueling Program


Let's discuss your fueling goals!

Not sure which services might be best for you? Have questions about how I work, or if we'd be a good fit? Book a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call with me so that we can get to know eat other and discuss what might work best for you.

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